Glasgow Open House Art Festival will run for ten days from April 11th – 21st 2014 and annually thereafter. The festival will provide an expansive platform for the city’s arts community, whilst offering an alternative format for public interaction with art outside the gallery.

As part of the lineage of DIY culture in Glasgow, Open House makes use of the space easily available to the artist – the artists’ home and outdoor spaces. The festival organisers are keen to engage with new audiences by opening up their living and working environments to neighbours, fellow artists and the public. The organisers aspire to engender critical discussion around the way art is exhibited and consumed.

Planning for the Festival began in 2013. Initially organised by a small group of Glasgow School of Art graduates, the programme now includes over 65 participants from various backgrounds. There will be no overriding curatorial theme; rather the intention is to have an inclusive range of activity spanning the city. Open House is not confined to the visual arts but will engage in diverse forms; with music, performance, workshops, and symposiums spread over the ten day programme. The festival has a particular interest in finding new ways to interact with new media and the moving image. 34 venues in the South Side, East End, West End and City Centre will be connected by use of a map and program made freely available across the city and online.

Glasgow Open House Art Festival is a non-profit organisation that exists to support and maintain autonomous artistic activity in the city.


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